I have a problem, 3d printers have taken over my life and I live to print. big things, small things, print all the things. With 8 printers including 2 big format 400x400x400 they are slowly taking over my workshop space. On this store you will find 3d printed models, hemets gadgets and doodads from authorised sites like Hex3d and Cinderwing3d. I will also be adding parts to build my own custom DIY corexy printer soon.

  • Hex3d Authorised Seller

    3d Printed items from Hex3d.com.

    Helmets, pop culture and scifi items, articulated snakes and dragons.

    Hex3d printed items 
  • Cinderwing3d Authorised Seller

    3d Printed items from Cinderwing3d. Designer of the best articulated dragons around.

    Cinderwing3d printed items 
  • Official UK Retro Frog Store

    3D printed accessories for retro consoles, Retro TINK and MiSTer

    UK Retro Frog