3d printed retro computer cases

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3d printed cases for Reaspberry PI, Mister FPGA, Multisystem and NGO spectrum next.

Cinderwing3d authorized 3d prints.

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  I am an authorized seller of the amazing Cinderwing3d articulated dragons and flexi items.  

Neo Geo Led mini marquee

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My collection of replacement Neo Geo boards and LED mini marquee.    

Printed items ready to ship

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A collection of all items printed and ready to ship in the colour you see in the image.

Retro computer display stands from Tomdd

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  I am happy to share the excellent designs from Tomdd over at Printables and Thingverse We have a collection...

Retro Frog 3d printed items UK dealer

17 Products
  Official UK store for all Retro Frog 3d printed items. These are printed in the UK from the original...